4 Summer Strains for Embracing the Most Lit Summer Ever

Summertime is officially here!

Whether you love it or hate it, it’s going to be a hot few months.

Do you have the right weed stash to sustain a summer full of fun? Or will you just get burned?

Stock up on these 4 summer strains for an epic summer you’ll never forget.

1. Ice Breaker

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Not only does the Sacramento heat make you want to dive headfirst into an ice bath, but this strain also helps to, well, break the ice with other people next time you’re at a pool party.

That’s why Ice Breaker is one of the best summer strains around. Testing at 20.32% THC, this potent strain is perfect for anyone looking for a little help coming out of their shell in social situations.

Feel comfortable, relaxed, and social with this fun summer strain from Kolas.

2. Orange Creamsicle

THC - Twelve Hour Care - THC blogs - summer strains

If an orange creamsicle is your favorite summer treat, take it up another level by trying Orange Creamsicle the cannabis strain!

Much like the name suggests, this yummy strain gives off pleasant notes of a distinct citrus flavor.

Enjoy a mellow high that’s not overwhelming, but not impotent either with Orange Creamsicle from Flow Kana.

3. Mimosa

THC - Twelve Hour Care - THC blogs - summer strains

Ahh, the mimosa. The ultimate summer drink.

But now, you’ll be able to enjoy everything you love about this refreshing summer brunch pick-me-up in a cannabis strain!

This hybrid strain from Bacchus Farms is a great mid-day treat! But, much like the beverage, pace yourself for an optimal experience!

4. Lemonchello #9

THC - Twelve Hour Care - THC blogs - summer strains

Honestly, ANY strain from Cookies is great for summer.

But we love Lemonchello #9 not only because this strain is potent, fun, and relaxing, but also because it comes in super convenient day capsules!

That’s right, Cookies day caps are a super popular – not to mention discreet – way that people are getting high this summer.

It’s as easy as taking a multi-vitamin, and the high tends to last longer and stronger than if you were to smoke flower.

And the best part is that we have a wide selection of Cookies products just waiting for you in our store, THC: Twelve Hour Care. Come and visit us today!

Stay chill in the heat this summer and stop by our dispensary, THC: Twelve Hour Care, any time to pick up your favorite summer strains! But hurry while supplies last!!

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