6 Relatable Scary Moments for Stoners

It’s Halloween season, which means everyone is getting in the spooky mood!

But for us stoners, there are a few things scarier than ghosts and witches.

6 to be exact.

1. Hearing a siren when you’re smoking in your living room and thinking it’s coming for you.

As you draw your blinds shut and crouch under your window and out of sight, you hear the siren grow louder as your heart almost beats out of your chest for one of the most scary moments for any stoner.

You then start to think about possible escape routes, valid excuses that’ll get you off the hook, or ways to get rid of weed really, really quickly.

But as you hear the siren start to get quieter again and completely pass you without even so much as slowing down, you remember that cannabis is legal now and that you’re all good.

2. Watching someone hold the joint while they tell a story without passing it.

As your perfectly rolled joint burns uselessly into the air pinched between your friends’ fingertips, you try your best to act interested as your oblivious friend goes on and on about her friend’s sister’s girlfriend’s cat.

It’s not that it’s a particularly bad story, but watching that joint burn away is causing you some serious pain and scary moments inside.

Every time you think your friend is done with the story, it just keeps going!

We just hope you’re good enough friends with this person that you can interrupt them without hurting their feelings to say, “Bruh. Pass that shit.”

3. Forgetting your lighter.

You’re exploring every pocket, you’re rummaging through your bag, and you’re even back at your car looking through your cup holders and glove compartment. Damn. It’s one of those scary moments when you realize that you don’t have a lighter.

The bowl is packed, sitting there taunting you, while you frantically open and close drawers and cabinets looking for any signs of a lighter.

Got a magnifying glass? Harness the power of the sun next time you forget a lighter and use a magnifying glass to light up your bowl.

But good luck finding that magnifying glass.

4. Realizing your vape pen is out of charge.

Noooooooo! Dang technology!

Desperately trying to hit a vape pen that’s not charged is one of those scary moments experienced by every stoner.

You’re probably kicking yourself for not plugging it in the night before, and now you’re paying the price. Curse you, Past Self!

But wait!

You just remembered that you have another vape pen that’s always charged up for emergencies!

You apologize and pat yourself on the back as you thank your Past Self for being so responsible.

5. When you break a glass piece.

That piece wasn’t just a bong…it was family!

One of worst scary moments for any stoner is when they break their favorite glass piece.

Those of us who have already been through this tragedy can remember that time like it was yesterday.

If you haven’t experienced it yet, enjoy the innocent bliss of having a piece that will hopefully live forever.

You take good care of that piece! You truly don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone…

6. When a dispensary doesn’t offer discounts to seniors or veterans.

Even if you’re not a senior or a veteran, you’re probably a little offended when a dispensary doesn’t offer some sort of discount to either group of people.

Cannabis can significantly help anyone who suffers from PTSD, and seniors are one of the biggest groups of people who benefit from cannabis in general!

It’s kind of hard to trust a dispensary that doesn’t recognize that.

But don’t worry; THC: Twelve Hour Care isn’t one of them.

We avoid any awkward or scary moments because we are happy to offer 10% off of all purchases for anyone 65+ or any veteran.

A stoner’s life is a great life. But we have scary moments just like anyone else.

Who else can relate with these scary moments? Have any other relatable stoner moments? Let us know in the comments section below!

Feel free to visit our dispensary, THC: Twelve Hour Care any time between 9am – 9pm for all of your medical and recreational cannabis needs.

Yes, we sell vape pen chargers. Yes, we have veteran and senior discounts. And yes, we’re fully stocked with the highest quality cannabis products in Sacramento.

Happy almost Halloween!