10 Pro Stoner Tips for 2019 that You Don’t Want to Live Without

If you’re in California, cannabis is everywhere.

It’s legal for both medical use and recreational use. Your boss probably smokes. Your grandparents probably smoke. Everyone you love probably enjoys cannabis from time to time.

It’s a new era for cannabis use which means there are some pro stoner tips that you can’t live without if you’re embarking into the amazing lifestyle of the modern stoner.

1. Don’t call it “marijuana” anymore.

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After you read up on the racist history of the word marijuana, you definitely won’t want to use it anymore.

Using anything but the word ‘marijuana’ is one of those pro stoner tips for staying woke, educating your friends on the truth, and to show that you aren’t afraid to change with the times.

On the bright side, there are literally thousands of nicknames for cannabis, so there’s no real need to be at a loss for words.

2. Coffee and weed is the best morning combo.

THC - Twelve Hour Care - pro stoner tips


Looking for pro stoner tips to start your day off right? Look no further.

The caffeine in your coffee will wake you up and refresh you. Your morning bowl will counteract any caffeine jitters by relaxing you and chilling you out.

Coffee and weed make for the best wake-n-bake combo.

3. Always have a vape pen on hand for when you want to be discreet.

THC - Twelve Hour Care - pro stoner tips


If you’re used to smoking in public, you probably already own a chillum or a little one-hit wonder.

But it’s 2019, ya’ll. It’s time you upgraded.

One of the best pro stoner tips for being discreet is to invest in a vape pen. A vape pen takes getting high in public to a new level.

No smoke, no smell, and no clunky weed-pipe-grinder-lighter situation.

Disclaimer: Enjoying cannabis in public is still illegal (yes, even if you have a medical card) in most places. Know the local rules and regulations before lighting up (or vaping up) anywhere.

4. Replace stinky ashtrays with jars.

THC - Twelve Hour Care - pro stoner tips


If your ashtray has been sitting out for more than a few hours, it probably stinks.

Instead of letting ashtrays sit out for way too long, we recommend using glass jars.

If you’re chillin too hard and don’t want to get up to clean an ashtray right after you’re done using it, ash your doobie into a glass jar and seal it with a lid when you’re done.

Keep your place smelling fresh all without interrupting your chill time.

5. Always keep chapstick on you.

THC - Twelve Hour Care - pro stoner tips


Cotton mouth, weed breath, post-smoke makeout sesh… Keeping chapstick on you is one of the pro stoner tips that not enough people know about.

We recommend choosing a chapstick with a yummy flavor so that your lips smell great, and that you can taste a flavor that you love.

6. Use the munchies to your advantage.

THC - Twelve Hour Care - pro stoner tips


It’s 2019, health and fitness are important! Cannabis, fitness, health, and eating habits all go hand in hand, especially when it comes to certain strains that promote the famous munchies.

So we say, use the munchies to your advantage, and enjoy these pro stoner tips for fitness!
If you want to stomach a big bowl of leafy greens, enjoying cannabis beforehand may make it a little bit more appetizing.

If you’re putting on weight to gain muscle, enjoy those munchies and eat to your heart’s content for the gains!

But if you’re trying to lose weight, we recommend that you eat before you smoke so that the munchies don’t hit you as hard. Plus, according to the latest research, there’s evidence showing that cannabis may be your next big weight-loss secret

7. Add a drop of honey to keep your joint from burning too quickly.

THC - Twelve Hour Care - pro stoner tips


This is one of the best pro stoner tips to get that coveted slow burn of your joint or pre-roll.

Just use a small drop of honey and gently massage it all over the paper of your joint or pre-roll.

Then enjoy a lovely slow burn and a cannabis experience that tastes like a hint of honey.

8. Microdosing goes a long way.

THC - Twelve Hour Care - pro stoner tips


For those who are looking for pro stoner tips about experiencing the medicinal benefits of cannabis but are intimidated by high dosages, microdosing may just be that hot tip for you.

Microdosing weed is becoming more and more popular among those who are looking to create a sense of normalcy in their cannabis experience.

Microdosing is especially loved by those who are more interested in treating medical conditions.

9. Don’t smoke and drive.

THC - Twelve Hour Care - pro stoner tips


Better be safe than sorry! Drive high, get a DUI

10. Know your cannabis etiquette.

THC - Twelve Hour Care - pro stoner tips


If you’re getting into the cannabis lifestyle, one of the best pro stoner tips I can give you is to know your etiquette.

But on the other hand, people who smoke are usually very forgiving, especially toward those who are new to it, so don’t worry if you don’t always remember your etiquette.

The bottom line is to show compassion and go with the flow.

Keep the good vibes flowing!

What are some of your favorite pro stoner tips? Let us know in the comments section below!