5 Money-Saving Tips: How to Make Your Weed Last Longer

Have you ever tried to come up with some genius life hacks after asking yourself how to make your weed last longer?

Well, we came up with some for you so that you don’t have to!

After using some of these tips, you’ll be saving your money, and your bud, in no time.

Get the most out of your flower by following these 5 easy money-saving tips.

1. Upgrade Your Grinder

how to make your weed last longer - Twelve Hour Care - THC

Whether you’re packing a bowl or rolling a joint or a blunt, your grinder can determine how much higher you can get.

Does your grinder have a kief catcher? Kief, the beautiful crystalline trichome dust that comes off of your cannabis while you’re grinding it, is responsible for the potent high that you’re about to receive.

Investing in a grinder with a kief catcher will save you a lot of money in the end due to the stronger high that you’ll achieve after sprinkling some of that precious kief into your blunt or bowl.

If you’ve ever asked yourself how to make your weed last longer without smoking less, this canna-hack may change your life.

2. Save your stems, they’re not as useless as you thought!

how to make your weed last longer - Twelve Hour Care - THC

Have you been told that the stems in your flower are useless and you should throw them out?

While you may get a bit of a headache if you smoke them, the stems in your bud are anything but useless. If you save them up, they are perfect for steeping into a lovely cannabis-infused tea.

But you can’t make tea with just one or two stems, so be sure you save up enough (most recipes call for ¼ cup of cannabis stems, but that’s just a baseline. If you want more or less potent tea, you can adjust the number of stems accordingly).

3. Give hemp wick a shot.

how to make your weed last longer - Twelve Hour Care - THC

Not only hemp wick great for avoiding the harmful butane fumes that you’ll get with a lighter, but it also burns at a significantly lower temperature.

This means that your cannabis will burn slower, which will conserve more of your weed in the long run!

If you’ve ever wondered how to make your weed last longer and are still using conventional lighters, maybe it’s time you make the switch into the hemp wick lifestyle.

If you’re scorching your supply, you’re probably burning more than you’re smoking. Take your time with your flower and enjoy every hit.

Hemp wick will give you that slow burn that you need to slow your roll and save your money by burning up less cannabis during each hit.

4. Try using a one-hitter.

how to make your weed last longer - Twelve Hour Care - THC

Let’s be real – you’ll probably be taking more than one hit. But, by using a one-hitter, you’re using way less cannabis during your sesh.

By using a one-hitter, you’re not committing to a whole bowl, and you’re able to be more conscious about how much cannabis you’re smoking at a time.

One-hitters are also great for discreet portability, unlike your cumbersome bong.

If you’ve caught yourself wondering how to make your weed last longer while you’re still taking a whole bowl from your bong in one hit, you may be doing it wrong.

Even seasoned stoners swear by using one-hitters and even feel that sometimes they get an even more potent high from them compared to their other tools.

5. Eat a mango!

how to make your weed last longer - Twelve Hour Care - THC - mangoes

Surprised that this is one of the money-saving tips? Well, technically, eating a mango won’t make your weed last longer, but it will give you a stronger, more potent, and essentially better high.

This is due to the terpene in mangoes called myrcene that gives it its deliciously fruity smell. That same terpene is also found in cannabis!

If you eat a mango at least 45 minutes before you smoke, you may be able to feel a difference in your high.

Many people have claimed that they really do feel an increased high after eating a mango, but there’s only one way to find out for yourself!

Worst case scenario, you get to enjoy a delicious tropical fruit and smoke weed. It’s a win-win situation either way.

Many of us have wondered if there were any quick and easy life hacks on how to make your weed last longer. Next time you’re running low on your supply, give some of these money-saving life hacks a try!

Do you already do any of these life hacks in your smoking routine? Let us know in the comments section below!