If you’re just getting into cannabis culture, there are a few things you need to always remember to bring with you when embarking into the world as a high person.

But remember, when you’re going out in public high, there is one thing that you must leave at home, and that’s your car keys. Click here to read more about how driving high can get you a DUI.

Instead, pack up your bag or pockets with these five crucial items.

THC blog - View the world through your sunglasses and love it

      1. Sunglasses

Not only is the sun bright, but much like the sun, you’re probably lit too.

The cool thing about wearing sunglasses when you’re high is that they can make you feel like you’re somewhat invisible.

If you want to hide away from the world, while retaining the freedom to let your eyes wander, and conceal the fact that you may or may not have blood-shot eyes, you don’t want to leave your sunglasses at home.

But what about if you’re indoors, you ask? See #2…

      2. Eye drops

Get rid of that pesky redness in your eyes and feel refreshed and ready to feel like a real person in the world after using eye drops.

While their only function is to reduce eye redness, for some reason when you’re high, it also makes you feel like it makes you look sober in general.

Blend in with the rest of the world discreetly and don’t forget your eye drops next time you go out.

THC blog - bring your headphones and get lost in the music

      3. Headphones

Is the world feeling a little bit overwhelming? Want to escape for a few minutes?

Music has the power to influence and shape our mood and to change our entire perspective.

Read here about how cannabis affects how you listen to music.

If you want to walk down the street feeling easy, free, confident, and fun, put on your favorite song on your headphones.

My personal recommendation is anything by Tame Impala when you’re high, for any occasion.

      4. Snacks and H2O

The munchies are real, people, and so is cotton-mouth.

No cannabis user leaves the house without their favorite snack and a bottle of water.

The water is crucial not only to keep your mouth from getting dry, but also to stay hydrated!

When you’re enjoying any substance, it’s important to stay hydrated to stay healthy.

Also, snacks are imperative to your experience. For reasons.

But be careful eating Doritos at night while people are sleeping.

Check out this blog featuring a Sacramento cannabis community member who had to learn the hard way.

THC blog - Don't forget your trusty lighter

      5. Lighter

Everyone knows why lighters are important to have around.

But there are more reasons than one to carry a lighter.

If you’re dabbling in the cannabis community, someone is bound to forget their lighter and to ask you if you have one they can borrow.

Not only can you potentially make some new friends, but your new friends may also offer you a hit or two off of their pre-roll that you just helped them to spark up. Score!

But be sure to read up on our blog about sharing joints and cannabis community etiquette here.

With these five items, going out into the world while high can be made into a significantly better experience.

We at THC will never let you forget something important. You know we got your back, because we know you have ours.

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